For game creators to reverse a image into a world and tile array.

Choose Image, Tile Size, and Area

Image turns into.

Created Tiles\


Created World File

  1. Width in Tiles
  2. Height in Tiles
  3. Amount of Tiles

World Data

Creates 2D world and seperates every unique tile image.
This process will not duplicate a tile. To create more than one tile, tiles must be a least one pixel differant.
First tile is top left.

Modify 2D world.

The User is in control here. For example tiles can be duplicated, a good method of removing unwanted tiles. Replace tiles in world.
Incorrect tiles can be replaced in palette, correcting all instances in world. Save world to image and rescan to fix Tile_Palette.
World saved to text file. Tile images saved to in sub-directory: Tiles.

For the entire working package download
Last Edited: 09/1/18 04:04 Includes AutoIt source and MapParser.exe

MapIt (AutoIt only)

Last Edited: 09/1/18 04:04
This version, without the MapParser.exe contains only AutoIt and SDL DLLs.
It reverses map images 100..1000 times slower than it's CPP counter part.

MapParser CPP
Last Edited: 05/23/18 08:40
This can be run via command line. See Readme.txt for arguments.

Last Edited: 08/18/18 08:30
Only the MapParser CPP source file
Normally this file doesn't make it into the executable release.
If you want the MapParser.exe source code, download it here.

Old Versions
Previous versions of MapIt

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All programs listed on this page use: SDL, SDL_image, SGE libraries.
Thank you.